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If you have people on your list from out of town, there's no better gift than a Louisiana food basket. You can easily grab all of these items and put them in a basket or tub and make a really great Louisiana themed gift.

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Astrid Stawiarz

I always have these available in my pantry as staples and your out of town family or friends will love having a little taste of our great state too.

It might seem cheesy, but these are some of the best products to have on hand to spice up any meal.

You could pickup a wicker basket or even buy an empty Rubbermaid container to carry all of these items and throw in some colorful tissue paper to make it a great looking gift.

If we are honest, the number one thing our out of state friends say it that our food is exceptional. This is a simple idea and I've included a few suggestions. You might have some other products on your go-to list for Louisiana favorites. Just be creative and know it will all be appreciated.

I think you can put this entire gift together for under $20 dollars. This kind of gift works for someone who likes to cook. But it will also work for someone who just wants a little spice in their life. There's no real serious cooking required.

Many of these products are not widely available across the country, so this will be a great treat for someone who loves our Louisiana foods.

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