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Today is the 123rd day of the year 2022. So far there have been 23 homicides in the City of Shreveport, according to data from the Caddo Parish Coroner's Office. That means, as long as there are no homicides today, we're averaging a killing in 18% of the days so far this year.

That number is pretty staggering. That almost one every 5 days, and its easily an average over 1 homicide every 7-day week.

So far in 2022, 100% of the homicides in Shreveport have been by shooting. Many of these shooting deaths have occurred while the victim is in a vehicle. With a large chunk of these homicides being the result of drive-by shootings.

The ages of the victims vary as well, with 7 of the 23 victims being teenagers, with the youngest being 13-years-old. The oldest shooting victim was 50-years-old, with only three other victims being over 40-years-old. Of the victims, 9 of the 23 were between the ages of 20-29.

A significant number of the shootings have also taken place in broad daylight, with multiple witnesses.

Last year, Shreveport had 90 homicides during the calendar year. At the current pace for 2022, Shreveport would see 69 homicides this year. But even though the number might be down from 2021, they still far exceed the average for a city the size of Shreveport.

Here are the homicides so far this year in Shreveport:

Shreveport 2022 Homicides

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