Concerned residents and horse lovers have been all over social media since Friday after seeing pictures of this horse in a chain-link fenced lot where Walker, Colquitt and Green Terrace Roads intersect in Shreveport. Of course, being the crazy horse lady on the radio, I was tagged in the posting about this horse multiple times.

I'm not going to lie, I initially went down a dark path in my mind. I will always be a champion for the underdog as long as I'm blessed enough to be on the radio with a 100,000 watt megaphone! So, I went to check on the horse Saturday, but being a horse owner myself, I didn't attempt to approach the horse and satisfied my curiosity by taking pictures from my car. I know if I caught someone trying to mess with my horses, I'd lose my mind! I guarantee the first question that came out of my mouth wouldn't be, 'How are you?' if I caught someone on my property unexpectedly.

I found that not only did the horse have water and shade from multiple trees, forage was readily available. My highly uneducated assessment was that the horse was either a senior (seniors have a notoriously hard time keeping on weight) or a rescue. He was also alert and curious, responding to me talking to him from my car.

I'm so happy to report that a friend of mine was able to do some sleuthing and found out that this horse is indeed a rescue and in much better condition than he arrived in. Obviously, this is a huge relief! I'm so happy this horse has found someone to care for him and nurse him to health. I'm also happy to see how many people were willing to raise the alarm and be a voice for those without one.

I also learned not to jump to conclusions. We took in a rescue from the Bastrop Kill Pen two months ago. He was in pretty poor condition when he arrived and now he's blossoming... But someone could have easily saw him on our property, assumed the worst and called the authorities. Like these folks, we have plenty back up to prove the horse is receiving proper care and nutrition. I'd much rather someone turned us in than just driving by and doing nothing. How horrible would it be if no one cared?

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