Shreveport's Dog Park will celebrate its 2nd birthday closed to the public. The park has been closed since early May because of flooding. The park is now dry, but not dry enough yet for the mowers to get in. The city also has lots of cleanup to do inside the park.

Dog Park

When the park opened two years ago, my beloved Tiger was 2nd or 3rd through the gate to run and explore this massive park. He had the time of his life. The park has hills and dip and plenty of green space for the dogs to run. It also has a magnificent pond that has a fountain in the middle. Several dogs were enjoying a dip in the water on the first day of business. Tiger decided to take a #2. So he's the first to do that in the dog park.

The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance posted this over the weekend:

Looks like this tree will be the only lasting loss from the dog park flood, we are drying out nicely. Parking lot has been scraped, now the city has to do the same inside the dog park. It's still muddy, but many have been inside as evidenced by the foot and paw prints. Is it officially open? Don't think so, but the gates were unlocked yesterday.

A lot of people have been griping about the park saying it's been closed more than it's been open. She we checked with Spar and have been told:

Prior to this flooding event:

The dog park opened in July 2017 and was closed 4 months in 2018 due to flooding.  So out of the 19 months it has been opened it has operated 15 months.

Spar officials will now have to schedule a cleanup day to get the sidewalk cleaned and the debris picked up. Folks with the Dog Park Alliance have always been there to help with this. I expect that to happen in the next couple of weeks.

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