SHREVEPORT, LA - A gun is seized in a Louisiana elementary school on Tuesday. The gun was found on the campus of Walker Elementary School officials on Tuesday morning. WAFB reports the BB pistol was recovered at about 8am. Police were called to the school in Livingston Parish and they are investigating. The gun was a BB pistol.

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The Following Statement Was Released by the School System:

Walker Elementary Family,

School officials seized a BB pistol and law enforcement was notified just before 8:00 a.m. today. At no time were any students threatened or believed to be in danger.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the matter.

The school will follow appropriate district policy and procedures to determine further action as it relates to the student involved.


We want to thank our students, staff, and teachers who alerted administrators to the matter for their swift and responsible action.

Working together, we continue to make Walker Elementary a safer, better learning environment for all our students.

Kerma Luzier - Principal for Walker Elementary School

Livingston Parish Schools
Livingston Parish Schools

No details have been released about who might have brought the gun to the school or how it was discovered.

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