It started when her son went off to Vietnam but has turned into her mission to do her part in helping the troops. Alleen Cooper is a 98 year old grandmother who says even though it's getting harder for her to write the letters she has no plans of stopping. Each of her letters are personalized and around 4 pages long.

She writes to soldiers who've been injured and are in the hospital as well as those who are on the front line away from wifi connecting them to back home. In her letters she'd tell jokes, keep them up to date with news from home as well as tell them about her day.

Many of the soldiers that she writes throughout the years have sent her framed flags and gifts as they've kept in touch. It can get lonely overseas but Alleen Cooper has made it her mission to make every soldier feel at home and loved.

If you'd like to write the soldiers below is a few tips as to how..

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