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Tropical Depression Marco was originally scheduled to deliver the first blow of a one-two punch to Louisiana, but the storm's intensity has diminished and much of the rain and winds that were originally thought to be damaging for the entire state will be localized at best on the coastline.

However, Tropical Storm Laura is proving to be a real threat. One that Governor Edwards feels Louisiana must begin preparing for right now. Ahead of its projected late Wednesday night landfall in southwest Louisiana, in a report from the Louisiana Radio Network, Edwards says, “The National Guard has more than 2,000 National Guardsmen ready to provide support. They have staged 94 high-water vehicles across south Louisiana, also 55 boats and an even dozen aircraft.”

Projected to be a Category 2 Hurricane at landfall, Edwards warns that Laura could develop into a major Category 3 hurricane and could severely impact Louisiana in more than one way. “This is a very powerful storm. There will be storm surge impact, there will be wind impact, there will be rain impact,” said Edwards.

He goes on to say that Laura could prove to be the strongest storm Louisiana has seen in nearly 15 years. “This has the potential to be the strongest hurricane to hit since Hurricane Rita and it happens to be taking, at least for now, a very similar track to Hurricane Rita.

Additionally, Edwards urges Louisiana citizens to take the threat seriously and adds that this is no time for traditional hurricane parties. “They are an absolute horrible idea during COVID because there is multiple dangers there and I would say rather than doing that, they need to spend their time preparing.”

Locally, after being briefed by The National Weather Service, Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator announced that Caddo Sheriff’s deputies assigned to the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association Task Force have also prepared their gear and are awaiting the call to assist in south Louisiana. Five deputies will assist with rescue operations if needed. Their equipment includes a high-water rescue vehicle, Zodiac boat, and shallow-water jon boat.

The Caddo Sheriff’s Marine Patrol is equipped and prepared to answer calls locally and will be monitoring area lakes, waterways, and flash flood zones. No flooding of the Red River is anticipated at this time.

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