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Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards made his much anticipated announcement this morning on the state's economic reopening. After a few delays in making the announcement, the Governor announced today the state will head into Phase 3 tomorrow.

The new order will have a full breakdown on Friday, where the Governor and his team will reveal all the final details.

Anticipation for the announcement had been building in the State of Louisiana for a couple of weeks now. Honestly, this building bubble started when the White House Coronavirus Task Force first put forward their 3-Phase Reopening plan. But over the last couple of weeks specifically, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has taken an optimistic tone that has caught a lot of attention.

After the Governor put a mandatory mask policy into place across the state, the COVID numbers have started to see heavy declines. As the Governor has pointed out, these are all good trends, which is where his optimism about a move into the state's Phase 3 of reopening has come from.

With his Phase 2 extension set to expire Friday, the Governor needed to make the announcement today to give enough time to get the new order written.

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