For those of you who have grown up here, the progress of Shreveport is no surprise.

When Google first introduced the "street view" option as a part of their map arsenal, I was super impressed. Now, I'm picking up my jaw off the floor again as Google Earth now gives you the timelapse option. It's a Satellite view of the entire earth and you can watch areas evolve over time.


It's so complex, that you can search various cities across the globe and watch how they have changed. Of course, I had to search for Shreveport. Now, I have lived in this area for three years and even in that time I can see how much our area has grown. However, this video will show you just how much growth we have experienced in the last 30+ years. It's phenomenal!

I've been watching this over and over again, focusing in on different areas of our city. For instance, seeing that my neighborhood didn't even exist 10 years ago or watching Barksdale Air Force Base increase in size.

Take some time and play around with this.

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