NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talked about the controversial NFC Championship no-call with the media in Atlanta.

Goodell says "We understand the fans’ frustrations, and that it was a “play we want to have called”.

Goodell did note that the competition committee will consider rules changes this summer addressing no-calls, but he added: “We also know our officials are human, we also know they are officiating a game that is moving very quickly, and have to make snap decisions under difficult circumstances, and they are not going to get it right every time.”

Goodell did say he is confident officiating in the NFL is better now than it has ever been.

“They are men and women of high integrity, so I know they are disappointed also, but they work hard to improve officiating, and I think they are doing an excellent job, but as I said, they’re human.”

Saints coach Sean Payton sits on the competition committee.

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