The Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles is a fabulous facility for those who enjoy the good life. The casino has the latest in electronic gaming as well as table games and other ways to amass your fortune. The property also features a great layout for those who enjoy swimming and fun in the sun.

However, visitors who patronize the Golden Nugget might find a lot of their fun and games behind closed doors, especially if the facility is found to be involved in one more violation of state-mandated regulations regarding COVID-19. However, such a strong reaction to reported violations is not likely.

The two violations have been reportedly centered around the Golden Nugget's pool and swim-up bar area. Inspectors with the State Fire Marshals Office say the facility was found to be in violation of state mandates because crowds gathered in the pool area.

Officials with Golden Nugget say they are working with the State Fire Marshal's Office to provide better training for employees on best practices regarding social distancing and crowd management.

Just to be clear, the Golden Nugget has been very forthright in their efforts to comply with state mandates. In fact, more training with the OSFM and Golden Nugget employees has already been scheduled.

As of now the pool area at Golden Nugget is limited to use by hotel guests only. Those guests must wear an armband and the casino is doing a headcount every hour to make sure the area does not surpass the 50% capacity limit.

Now, should Golden Nugget receive a third strike from the OSFM it won't necessarily mean punitive actions or closure. The severity of the consequences would be based on the severity and frequency of the violations and how the facility is working to comply with state-required mandates.

Based on our experience with Golden Nugget, it's management team, and well-trained employees I feel very confident in saying they are working very hard to keep everyone safe while still providing a great entertainment experience while cooperating fully with the requests and requirements of the state.


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