Can't beat the real thing. Can you?

This video, titled "Evie's first sip of Coke," features a toddler at a McDonald's enjoying -- you guessed it -- her first sip of Coke. Of course, "enjoying" is all a matter of perspective, since her face contorts like it's been molded by clay before she dives back in for another sip.

In a world where we're besieged by videos like "American Kids Try Ethiopian Food," this is a far tamer clip, although you have to wonder why Evie's parents would even give her soda in the first place. She's a little young for the circus of carbonation and caffeine that is so tasty and so addictive, not to mention so unhealthy.

We have a hunch that some other people may feel the same thing, since comments have been disabled for the video.

And, in case you're wondering, yes, there is a video of adults trying Coke for the first time. Because the Internet will leave no sugary stone unturned in its quest to create compelling content.

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