Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are COVID-19 free, they told fans during Monday night's (July 13) episode of Inside Studio G.

"We all tested," Brooks says. "Everybody tested negative, including the possible exposure, which ended up not being a possible exposure ... So we're back."

On July 6, a representative for the stars said via press release that the married couple were "fine," but that someone in their camp had "possibly been exposed to the COVID-19 virus." As a result, they scrapped plans for a Facebook livestream concert on July 7, stating that they'd return in two weeks.

After both Brooks and Yearwood tested negative and so did those around them, it would appear they decided to return early to their regular streaming schedule. During Tuesday's (July 14) "#GarthRequestLive2," Brooks and Yearwood took song requests, which resulted in an epic Bob Seger cover from Brooks.

"I just miss getting to play," he admits, speaking candidly. "I think there's some things you do for a living, and there's some things you do to live — and I think that is what I do."

Brooks and Yearwood — who have been married since 2005 — regularly meet with fans via Facebook livestreams, which gives them the opportunity to 'interact' without actually being able to tour during the pandemic. Brooks also recently hosted a drive-in "live" concert at drive-in theaters around the United States.

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