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Shawn Wilson stepped down from his post as the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development nearly three weeks ago,  leading to speculation that he planned to make a run at the Governor's Mansion. Well, early Monday morning, Wilson made it official on Facebook.  When you click the Facebook page it reads:

Let’s build bridges | Candidate for Louisiana Governor | Former Sec. Of LA DOTD | Proud dad and PapaDoc to two Cher-Bebes


This announcement marks the first major Democrat candidate to enter the race for Louisiana governor. Wilson joins a governor's field already loaded with Republican candidates, including Attorney General Jeff Landry, State Treasurer John Schroder, Senator Sharon Hewitt, State Representative Richard Nelson, and Xan John - as well as Independent Hunter Lundy (attorney) and the first Democrat to announce his candidacy, Danny Cole.

You might be surprised to learn that if Wilson were to win, he wouldn't be the first black governor of the Bayou State. . Pinchney Benton Stewart Pinchback was Louisiana's 24th governor and was actually the first African-American governor in the United States. According to, Pinchback was born near Macon, Georgia in 1837. He was the son of a wealthy white planter, and his mother, Elize, was his father's former slave.

Pinchback, a Republican, served for 37 days, December 8th, 1872- January 18th, 1873.  After Governor Henry C. Warmoth was removed from office due to impeachment charges being brought forth, Pinchback, who was Lt. Governor assumed the office of the governorship.

From Wilson's Facebook page:

"In Louisiana, we have more than our share of obstacles standing between where we are today and the state we could be tomorrow. And the only way we'll ever get to the other side is if we have leaders who build bridges."

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