We're hearing about flooding issues all over our area, thanks to the extreme amount of rain these last few days.

The photo above was taken in Golden Meadows subdivision in south Bossier. My parents have lived in that neighborhood since I was in 7th or 8th grade, and I don't remember ever seeing the water that high.

The photo below was taken of the bayou behind my parents' house. It's been pretty high in the past, but I can't recall ever seeing that this high, either. We used to play and ride bikes near that bayou every day when I was younger. Now, it's looking more like a swimming pool -- and like it might reach homeowners' back fences before this rain event is over.

With that neighborhood seeing such high water, you can only imagine what residents in our more rural parts of town are dealing with right now. We're incredibly concerned about those who have had to leave their homes. We'll be keeping you updated on the latest storm issues.

There is a little good news -- we are seeing a little bit of sunshine today. Enjoy it while it lasts, folks. This thing isn't over yet.

Here's the latest update from Bossier Parish officials:

· Red Chute Bayou at Dogwood Trail is expected to crest at 26.5 feet; at Sligo Rd., the bayou is holding steady at 38.8 feet. Little change is expected through Friday according to the National Weather Service.
· Flooding in south Bossier Parish is comparable to that which occurred in March, 2001.
· Forecasters are predicting between three and four inches additional rainfall through Sunday.
· Flat River at Sligo, little change is expected through Sunday.
· The Red River reportedly is slightly above flood stage at Coushatta and water from streams and bayous in Bossier Parish is moving out.
· Mandatory evacuations continue in Victorian Pointe, Carriage Oaks, Brookhaven, Stockwell Place, Lafayette Park, Stone Bridge, Tiburon, Richmond Cove and Dogwood*. In Dogwood, particularly Dogwood South where homes adjoin Red Chute and other low-lying areas where flooding potential remains.
· Residents in south Bossier Parish are urged to continue to monitor water levels and be prepared to leave quickly.
· The bridge on Sligo Rd. just east of Chesapeake is now open to traffic.


Photo: Angela Thomas

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