People kept telling me what a great time it was...and I've seen lots of great art come out of it. But I didn't have a chance to have my own Painting with a Twist experience...until this past weekend. I got invited by my sister, whose friend's friend (sounds complicated, I know) was celebrating a birthday.  She had a big group party, so I got to paint alongside sis, and opposite our Mom and Memaw.

What a fun experience! We didn't partake in any wine, but it was still a great time. Our art teacher led us step-by-step into the layers of our "masterpieces" us instruction on which colors to mix, which brushes to use for each phase, and how to add finishing details.

Honestly, I was listening about half the time...that's how focused I was on my creation...but I guess it turned out well in the end.  I managed to catch up with the rest of the group somehow.  I'm proud of my work.  The instructor said it looked great.  So now, you get to be the judge!

When you get a minute, go to the Painting with a Twist Facebook page and see what a great selection of works the two locations (one in Shreveport, one in Bossier) have to offer.  And if you're ever looking for something relaxing and fun to do on a weekend (even during the week, if you have the schedule for it)...let me suggest you make a stop by.  If your group is big enough, you get to make it a private party.  I plan to have one of those for my birthday next month.