We know the LSU Men's Baseball has brought home the Natty, but what about those Jell-O shots?

LSU emerged victorious in the NCAA College World Series by defeating Florida with an impressive score of 18-4 on Monday night. This remarkable triumph marked the seventh championship win for the LSU program. While the baseball competition was the primary focus in Omaha, there was another thrilling contest taking place involving Jell-O shots. The excitement had been building all week, and now we finally have the official count for the Tiger fan Jell-O Shot Competition.

According to a tweet from Rocco's Pizzeria, the official count reveals that LSU fans collectively consumed a staggering 68,888 Jell-O shots over the course of two weeks. This number sets a new record and showcases the unwavering enthusiasm of the LSU faithful.

LSU jell o shots

Also, if we're being honest here, it shows that no one should ever challenge Louisiana to a drinking contest.

Rocco's Pizzeria expressed their gratitude, stating, "Heroes get remembered but legends never die. This year will be talked about for ages. Thanks to the @LSUbaseball faithful and all the fans that made it fun. Thanks to @getjevo for making an absolutely absurd amount of delicious shots. Thank y'all for following along."

The Jell-O Shot Competition at Rocco's in Omaha garnered significant attention and was graced by the presence of Baton Rouge celebrities such as Gordon McKernon and Todd Graves, the owner of Raising Cane's.

Their participation added to the already buzzing atmosphere and contributed to the substantial funds spent during the challenge. In fact, LSU outperformed other teams by an impressive margin of tens of thousands.

Back home, people have been celebrating the Jell-O Shot Competition, with one boutique even creating custom shirts to commemorate the occasion. However, the true winner of this fundraising event is LSU's food pantry. A portion of the proceeds generated by the Jell-O Shot Challenge will be donated to the food pantry, ensuring that the community benefits from this spirited event.

LSU's triumph on the baseball field is undoubtedly the outstanding accomplishment from the past couple weeks in Omaha, but the record-breaking Jell-O Shot Competition has provided fans with an additional reason to celebrate.

It was a way for the LSU faithful to also solidify their status as legends, and the impact of their support will extend beyond the realm of sports. With a remarkable number of Jell-O shots consumed and a charitable donation on the horizon, this year's College World Series will forever be remembered as both a fun and legendary part of LSU history.

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