With cases out of Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana is no stranger to the human trafficking industry. The film "8 Days" is being screened in Shreveport to raise awareness of the fight against those who commit these heinous crimes against our young people.

Actress Katie Walker and her husband, 10-year major league baseball player Todd Walker, are stepping up to help save the children of Shreveport by bringing the film to their town.

"Last year when we filmed this movie, I thought this was a crime that was happening overseas, not here in the U.S.," Katie Walker told KEEL News. "And so I thought, 'Oh, this is a great awareness tool. I can do something that I love doing, which is acting, and do something for the greater good.' And then, I found out that it was here in the U.S. and all over, and that just created this passion to fight it."

Walker said "8 Days" is the story of a teenage girl who goes to a party, and gets drugged and raped, and taken into the world of sex trafficking. It stars now-17-year-old Nicole Smolen as Amber Stevens, who Walker said was brilliant in the role. Walker plays her mother in the film.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the movie. (WARNING: The trailer is heart-wrenching...and it may make you cry.)

The Shreveport Premiere is set for November 10, 2014, at Shreveport Community Church, located at 5720 Buncombe Rd. Red Carpet arrivals are at 6 p.m., the film screening is at 7, and there's a post-screening concert featuring Dez Duron and Brandon Chase that starts at 9.

"I have such the priviledge to bring this film to Shreveport-Bossier, because I believe the people here will want to get onboard, and they'll want to be fully aware and fully awake, to take on this crime," Walker said. "8 Days Film is a weapon for us to use in this war against sex trafficking, for the children."

Tickets to the event are $10 each, and you can find out how to get them at 8daysfilm.org. Proceeds go to a local organization called "Purchased: Not For Sale," whose mission is to locate, love and motivate women and children of the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking.