The House Criminal Justice Committee will debate several gun control measures today. A crowd of Gun Rights Advocates are expected to attend the meeting.

Here are the bills before the committee:

HB 277 Prohibits the sale of assault rifles to any person under the age of 21
HB 400 Creates the crime of illegally purchasing or selling a firearm
HB 412 Provides relative to the exemption of certain Louisiana residents from the crime of illegal carrying of weapons when the firearm is legally obtained, manufactured, and possessed
HB 415 Provides relative to a "concealed" firearm or weapon
HB 416 Creates the crime of failure to identify the possession of a concealed handgun to a law enforcement
HB 473 Prohibits the importation, manufacture, sale, purchase,possession, or transfer of a rapid-fire device
HB 602 Provides relative to the carrying of a concealed handgun at a school
HB 736 Provides relative to the possession, transfer, registration, license to possess, and surrender of an assault weapon
HB 852 Creates the crime of illegally purchasing or selling a firearm

If you want to voice your opinion about these bills, you should contact these lawmakers:

Sherman Mack, Chairman
Phone: (225)567-3677

Steve E. Pylant, Vice Chairman
Phone: (318)435-7313

Barbara Norton of Shreveport
Phone: (318)632-5887

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