A McDonald's in New Orleans is Serving Up More Than Food.

Recently a video went viral showing two co-workers fighting it out behind a counter of a fast food restaurant.

The Craziest Part Is There are Multiple Angles of the Fight.

How many people thought "let me take my phone out before I break this fight up?". There was one man who kept filming and kept yelling "Let them fight". He was filming this fight as if he was a cameraman for a UFC fight. He even threw in some of his own commendations for a little razzle-dazzle.

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Okay, my bad for the horrid joke here but seriously what the heck could have been said to lead up to people throwing punches during the middle of the lunch rush? Imagine pulling up for your lunch and instead, you see two employees going all out with the punches.

You Can See a Surprised Customer Roll Up to the Drive Through Window.

Is he filming the fight too? We can't tell from how far away he is, however, if another angle of this fight from the drive-thru comes out we know who filmed it.

As Of Now, We Don't Know if the Employees Have Been Fired.

However, we do know that there were probably a lot of angry people in the drive-thru waiting for their food with no idea that there was a Battle Royal happening behind the counter.

There is another angle of the entire brawl, check out the videos in the comments below.

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