As a huge fantasy betting fan, I can't possibly explain how excited this makes me!

This NFL season has been one of the most exciting ever for me. Of course, if you know me, you know that I don't have a favorite NFL team, but I absolutely love NFL football. My love for the sports comes primarily from one thing... Fantasy football. I live for fantasy football. This year, my fantasy teams all started slow, but I'm on a four game winning streak in every league I'm in.

On top of just the standard fantasy leagues that I've always participated in, this year has been extra exciting week after week due to DraftKing's arrival in Louisiana. This is the first year ever that we've been able to bet on fantasy sports. I'm new to DraftKings and have fallen in love with the fantasy lineups and ways to win some serious money during every single NFL game.

I am a lot more familiar with FanDuel, though, as I've been able to play free games on there for quite some time. Hopefully that experience will help me win some actual money in the near future, because as of today, FanDuel has been approved by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board.

Of course, this approval is great for two reasons. Selfishly, it's great because we'll have another fantasy betting applications to use for any and all sports. Secondly, this will generate a ton of revenue for the state of Louisiana. Tammy Hop, an auditor with the Louisiana State Police Gaming Division, says, "FanDuel expects to generate approximately $1.5 million in daily fantasy sports revenues for its first year of operations in Louisiana.”

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