A little after 10 am Central time we lost our connection to Facebook and Instagram here at the K945 studios.  At first, we thought our wifi or our local internet connection - but that wasn't the case.  It soon became evident that the problem was with Facebook and Instagram itself - and we weren't alone.  The outage was confirmed in the US and Europe, but that may be because a good portion of the world was asleep at the time.  In a few hours we will find out the full extent of the duration.  Some users have reported that the app still worked when the PC version was knocked out.

As of 11:45 am Facebook reported to CNET that it was aware and working on the problem, but didn't specifically say why.  The website downdetector.com has a pretty good map of the outages in real time, but this situation is sure to change rapidly and the affected areas will most likely change soon.

If you have to have your fix, Twitter is still up and YouTube seems to be ok.  Might want to fire up your Myspace page just in case.

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