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How did a farrier/horse trainer from Amite, LA end up in Hollywood? Reluctantly!

Ethan Lee is a good old boy from Louisiana that has worked with horses his entire life. He has a beautiful family and a gorgeous wife, Brennan, who just happens to be into horses herself as a large animal veterinarian. So how did Lee end up on Hollywood's radar? This is a great story!

Ethan Lee from 'Yellowstone' via
Ethan Lee from 'Yellowstone' via

Several years ago, Lee helped out with the horses on the set for Free State of Jones starring Matthew McConaughey when it was filmed in Louisiana. It turns out that Ethan really didn't like working on a movie set according to an interview with There was too much hurry up and wait for his liking. However, he liked the money!

Then around four years ago, he got a call about working on a new TV series called Yellowstone. But when the producers told Lee it would be a several-month-long commitment, he turned them down because he didn't want to be away from his family that long. But afterward, he regretted his decision. After talking it over with his wife, they decided if they got a callback, he'd take the gig.

Ethan Lee from 'Yellowstone' via
Ethan Lee from 'Yellowstone' via

Of course, we all know now how big of a hit Yellowstone turned out to be. We're betting that Lee is thanking his lucky stars that the folks from Yellowstone called him again. However, Ethan didn't stay behind the camera working with the horses and teaching the cast to ride for long. He ended up in front of the camera pretty quickly. At first, it was just for stunts, but then an unplanned ad-lib got him a speaking part. According to

“It was just something that kind of bubbled out. I jumped up and said, ‘I got 20 on Texas,’ hoping that no one heard me really,” Lee said. He didn’t want to mess with the integrity of the script, but the writers noticed his ad-lib in post-editing and loved it. He didn’t have a microphone on during filming, and they needed him to drive to New Orleans to do a voice-over so viewers could hear him.

How crazy is that? Today, Lee is still working on Yellowstone, but he's also added duties for 1883. The Lees say they're blessed for being given the opportunity. I'd say! Make us proud, Ethan!


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