My son will be 19 this week, so this was his first chance to vote in a Presidential Election.

Photo by JW Cox III

He was waivering for a few weeks about whether or not he was even going to vote. He registered to vote because he got extra credit in one of his classes at Louisiana College.

He decided he would vote, but told me ahead of time "I don't really like either one of them". So I had a long talk with him about what he should do to decide. I gave him a list of several websites to go to where he could check out the issues.

He called me from the polling place to ask a few questions: "is it ok to take a picture of my ballot when I'm voting". I told him yes. Then he wanted to know why "all these old people are staring at me. They were looking at me like I was too young to vote". He was surprised to see the age demographic of voters. I don't think he saw anyone under 30 when he went to vote. I'm proud of him for voting. I told him to remember if he didn't vote, he had not right to complain over the next four years.

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