Remember adorable elderly couple Joey and Mel Schwanke? Well, they’re back, and cuter than ever.

Joey and Mel are what we call a perfect match. The elderly couple is still going strong after 65 years of marriage, and owning and operating the oldest flower shop in Fremont, NE. What’s the secret to their relationship? Fashion. The two have been wearing matching outfits for more than three decades straight, making them probably the cutest duo since those adorable twin babies had a pacifier battle.

That’s right, every single dress Joey has worn for the past 35 years has perfectly matched Mel’s tie. You might think that there’s not enough clothing sets out there to last them that long, and you’d be right, which is why the two have had 146 outfits custom made for them.

“We’ve been together 24 hours a day at work and at home,” they told The Huffington Post. “We joke that we’re connected by velcro because we do everything together.”

While this amazing story makes us all warm and fuzzy inside, the Schwanke’s still have another secret hidden up their matching sleeves that also contributes to their thriving marriage. “We fully respect each other and consider each other with every decision we make,” said Joey. “To this day, if he does something for me I thank him… If we run into each other, we say excuse me.”

And there you have it — the secret to martial bliss.

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