10-year-old Ryan Sullivan got more than just an autograph from President Barack Obama. He got an excuse note from him as well.

The President was on a fundraising tour this week in Minnesota and his hometown of Chicago, Illinois as part of his reelection campaign. One of the stops was at a Honeywell manufacturing plant in Minnesota.

Ryan Sullivan, an employee at the plant, brought along his son Tyler to meet the President. In fact, he kept Tyler out of school for the day for the slim chance that Tyler could one day tell his grandchildren the day he met the President. President Obama gave him an immensely more interesting story.

He wrote young Tyler an excuse note to his teacher, Mr. Ackerman, asking that he be excused from the warranted absence. It read..

Mr. Ackerman- Please excuse Tyler…he was with me. – Barack Obama”

We can’t wait to see the response to this story on Fox & Friends this Monday. We can already see the headline in the scroll on the bottom of the TV screen now: “Obama Helps Future Ferris Bueller to Play Hooky”.

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