Los Angeles Lakers star and Spain's Pau Gasol put a killing on the United States, with 24 points!

But, Kevin Durant one-upped Gasol by putting up 30 points, in part of the United States' 107-100 victory over Spain.

This game was a game of firsts for some, and a game of lasts for the others. As it was announced before the USA basketball team began practicing two months ago, this would be the last Olympics of Lakers star Kobe Bryant, and Duke and USA men's coach Mike Krzyzewski. They both wanted to walk those golden stairs out of the basketball gym in London. While Kobe did his part posting up 17 points in this game, Krzyzewski did his part in putting together the most dominant team since 1992 and building a wall of dominance for Rio de Janiero in 2016.

After three quarters of play, when the U.S. only led by one point, we were all on pins and needles, wondering if they could really pull it off.

They did, thanks to Lebron James' 19 points off the bench, the 17 by Bryant, the 11 by Chris Paul, and the 30 by Durant!

They all did their part to help the U.S. go 8-0 in Olympic action and get their 14th gold medal in basketball.

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