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If this sign is to be believed, downtown Nicky's has closed their doors for good.

As with any other local business closing, this hurts my heart to write. I have a slightly more personal connection with this restaurant, however, and it makes me feel a little down knowing that I won't be able to enjoy downtown Nicky's any more.

Growing up and going to high school here in Shreveport, I always considered myself a Nicky's connoisseur of sorts. I loved absolutely all of their locations, but frequented the one off Pines road the most due to its proximity to my high school. About a year after graduation, on a Sunday afternoon, my friends and I were discussing where we would eat lunch. One of my friend's little brothers suggested we go to the Nicky's in downtown. I laughingly tossed out his suggestion, me being the "Nicky's Guy" in the group and knowing full-well that the kid didn't know what he was talking about. After all, I visited all of the Nicky's in town and knew for certain there wasn't one in downtown Shreveport.

An argument among the group ensued and I was (pleasantly) shocked to find out the kid was right, and I was wrong. There was indeed a downtown Nicky's, and due it's it's sneaky location underneath the downtown bridge, it was forever coined as the "Secret Nicky's" in our group from that point forward. We even wrote a song about it, which I'm too embarrassed to share here, but I'm sure if you're curious enough, you can find it somewhere on Facebook.

Today, a great friend and local pizza God, Sal Marciano of Sal's Pizzeria, shared a photo on Facebook that sadly caught my attention. Sal shared a pic of the door at the downtown Nicky's, showing a sign that was very recently put up.

The sign simply reads;

"We are very sorry to say that this location has permanently closed! We will miss you all so much! Thank you for your loyal service to us through the years!"


You can see the photo below.


Damn another one smh Nicky's downtown

Posted by Sal Marciano on Monday, August 3, 2020



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