If you think people in our community are cold, uncaring individuals, you're definitely not seeing all that's being done to help local families impacted by flooding.

Bossier Schools Liaison Sonja Bailes shared with us just a few examples of the outpouring of support our children are seeing:

Numerous donations have been received yesterday and today, as you will see in the photos attached. People have been dropping off uniforms and clothing at our schools and centers and today, Bossier Parish 4-H and First Baptist Church of Haughton donated box after box of school supplies.


What will really tug at your heartstrings is what our students are doing for each other. They are volunteering after school the next couple of days to help us sort the donations so we can distribute to those in need.


And at last night's softball game between Benton High and Parkway, it was what happened 'off' the field after the game that will really get to you. The Tigers presented gift cards to the Panthers to help replace some of the items they and their peers lost in the flooding. Then, Benton hosted a pizza party for the opposing team -- united as 'one' Bossier Parish school family!


We are Bossier strong!