Let’s take a look at a few things and see how they stack up.

You have to admit that the New Orleans Saints have the best quarterback in this division. Drew Brees is a quarterback that stands out from all the others in the game.

Brees has been throwing the ball longer than any quarterback in the division and has more experience on his current team than all the other quarterback in the division.

Sure he’s without his head coach, Sean Payton, the guy who called plays for most of Brees’ stint whith the Saints. But, Brees calls plays all the time anyway.

Not only that, the New Orleans Saints have always relied on Brees for motivation.

Brees is the hero of sorts for the city of New Orleans and the whole Saints football team.

He’s earning much more than all the others on the roster.

Brees’ presence makes the offensive line better. If anyone else were playing quarterback for the Saints, the offensive line wouldn’t be seen as the finest in the league.

Brees’ saves the day many times each game. Yes, Jahri Evans is good, maybe even the best guard in football. But the rest of the line is as productive as Brees allows them to be.

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