National Pizza Day for 2017 has come and gone.  We celebrated with a big old Sweep The Kitchen from Johnny's last Thursday, February 9.

Celebrating that big old pie got me to thinking though.  Do you remember the Shakey's Pizza on Shreveport/Barksdale Highway?

It was just down from the old Tebbe's Bowling Alley, that's also nothing but a memory now. You would pass right by it when you'd exit Clyde Fant Parkway to head west on Shreveport/Barksdale.

According to,

The history of Shakey’s Pizza Parlor begins in 1954, when Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson opened the first Shakey’s Pizza Parlor® in a remodeled grocery store on 57th and J Street in Sacramento, California. Originally established as “Ye Public House” for pizza & beer, Johnson indulged his passion for Dixieland jazz and added live ragtime music to mix, featuring banjos and player pianos throughout his rapidly expanding franchise. As the concept caught on, the Shakey’s name became synonymous with the World’s Greatest Pizza® along with light-hearted slogans such as “You’ll have fun at Shakey’s, also pizza,” and “You can feed your face at any old place, but you can warm your heart at Shakey’s.” For 60 years, Shakey’s has provided fun, food, music and memories for generations of pizza lovers.  We believe in family at Shakey’s!

Coolest place ever.  Pizza wasn't bad, but the "piano bar" style gave the place a huge impression on kids back then.  I think I was in my late teens when it closed.  Must have been around 1979 or 80.

Just wish we were all so easily entertained these days.  That place was a doozie.

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