Surely you are familiar with the term "bucket list."  If not, the concept is simple: What do you want to do before you kick the bucket?  For most people this list contains a sampling of what the writer considers a sampling of the best of life.  Particular destinations, extreme activities, and exotic foods usually populate these lists, but that is for the individual.  Do you have a list of must-dos for the family?

A recent study, conducted by data-miners SWNSdigital, found that more than half of American parents have a family bucket list.  52% of moms and dads said they had a specific set of things they wanted to do with their kids before they grow up, although not all of them want it for the same reason.  45% of those who do have a list, want to do those things because they enjoy doing those thing with their kids - while 44% said it was because they wanted to get their kids away from screens.  54% also stated that they were tired of their kids breaking things around the house (the data found that each kid will break an average of 4 things in the house every summer).

According to the survey - these are the top 20, most common items on family bucket lists:

1. Take a road trip
2. Teach them how to ride a bike
3. Go camping
4. Teach them how to cook/bake
5. Visit an amusement park or water park
6. VIsit National Parks
7. Go to Disney World/Land
8. Visit a zoo or aquarium to learn about animals
9. Travel abroad
10. Teach them how to play baseball
11. Go to a football game
12. Visit the beach and collect shells
13. Attend an outdoor festival or concert
14. Go to a soccer game
15. Visit a museum I’ve never been to
16. Make a photo journal or a family yearbook
17. Check out the local country fair
18. Go to a baseball game
19. Go horseback riding
20. Mother/daughter spa day

The #1 reason parents are concerned with doing these things over the summer break?  They want to make sure the kids are cultured, followed closely by the desire to spend quality time together.

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