What happened at a pharmacy in Bossier City today? Rumors online have gone wild, but the actual details are few and far between.

Here's what we actually know:

Multiple reports say that the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office have confirmed that the CVS Pharmacy at the corner of Jimmie Davis Highway and Barksdale Boulevard was shut down today. While the store was closed temporarily, the pharmacy within the store remains closed.

Pictures of Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, agents have been posted on local social media, but there has been no confirmation from the DEA. While the DEA has declined to confirm their presence, KTBS reports they spoke with numerous witnesses who told them DEA agents were present as the pharmacy was shut down.

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So we do know that something happened at the CVS Pharmacy on Barksdale Boulevard in Bossier City today, we just don't know exactly what happened there. However some online have suggested that this may have a connection to another DEA raid on a North Louisiana pharmacy from this year.

Early in 2023, the DEA executed search warrants on multiple doctors offices and a pharmacy in Ruston. The two doctors offices were connected to the Lincoln Community Health Center, and the pharmacy was The Prescription Shoppe on West Line Ave in Ruston. It could also be noted that the DEA investigation that took place earlier this year in Ruston happened to take place around 10:30am, which is approximately the same time this incident (whatever it may have been) took place in Bossier City today.

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