This is one of those human interest stories that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you
read it. Nine-year old Joshua Smith of Detroit wanted to do something about the state of his city. So the young boy set up a lemonade stand near his home in the hopes of raising $1,000, which he would present to the city to help with its financial crisis.

Thanks to the sheer generosity of his plan, the media provided the young man with a helping hand. Joshua raised well over his $1,000 goal. In one week's time, he had raised a whopping $3,392.

Joshua's success received plenty of attention. He was visited by the stars of the University of Michigan basketball team and offered a $2,000 college scholarship.

When asked about his phenomenal success, Joshua replied, "I'm getting a lot of support, and that makes me feel good."

Here's my question: Now that the country knows about Joshua and the lemonade money he has raised, will the IRS, state, county and city governments and other Tax Organizations want their cut?

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