"The Voice of Louisiana" was heard across the USA on Wednesday as Moon Griffon was a guest on The Dan Bongino Show.

It was a fun interview to listen to as the two big radio personalities focused on U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy and his push for the controversial bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed the U.S. Senate on Tuesday morning. Cassidy, who Bongino referred to as "a dreadful RINO senator" - was one of 19 Republicans to vote with the Democrats in passing the bill.

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

"This legislation will create tens of thousands of new jobs,” said Dr. Cassidy in a press release. “The new bridges and repaired highways will shorten commutes. Rural broadband will connect and give all Americans access to Telehealth, online education, and other benefits. Flood mitigation, weatherization, and coastal restoration will protect against flooding and lower utility bills. Improved water, sewer, and drainage will revitalize communities. This bill is good for Louisiana and the United States."

"Everything he is saying about the bill is not true," said Moon on The Dan Bongino Show as he told Bongino about constituents who are voicing their frustration with Cassidy's recent votes.

"How is it in a state like Louisiana, people who love this country, people who bleed red, white, and blue...vote solid American values...how does a guy like this (Cassidy) respond to his constituents that way? Is he obtuse...or does he not care?"

The two even shared some laughs as Moon referenced Cassidy as "Psycho Bill."

"It was an honor and a pleasure to be on with Dan Bongino!" exclaimed Moon. "I love his program and what he stands for."

Bongino even asked Moon if he would be down as guest host if needed.

"For you, I would fly to Florida in a second or do it wherever I've got to do it! It would be a hoot!" responded Moon.

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