Dallas attorney Willie Richardson Joseph Jr. will now spend the next 5 years serving at hard labor in a Louisiana prison.  That's the final word of the Judge in the case of the brutal April 18th beating of Joseph's girlfriend.  The 33-year old lawyer pled guilty to one count of battery of a dating partner with serious injury on Friday, and was sentenced immediately.

Joseph reportedly punched his girlfriend in the face multiple times during the drive to her Shreveport home after a movie date.  Prosecutors said during the brutal attack he broke her eye socket, caused nerve damage, and even knocked out a tooth.

According to NBCDFW, when the unidentified woman called 911, Joseph continued the assault while he dragged her across the concrete from the car to her home - while she was on the line with emergency operators.

No word on the exact prison he will serve his time in, nor when the sentence will start.

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