Two movies being filmed here in Shreveport are expected to wrap up this week.

"Dakota's Summer" should be finished by Saturday. And a remake of the 1976 horror film "The Town That Dreaded Sundown" has a few more days of filming. That should be done by Thursday. Shreveport Film Office Director Arlena Acree says producers of both films seem to be very happy about how everything has gone.

"The guys from 'Dakota's Summer' actually went to the Ruston Peach Festival and participated and actually filmed at the rodeo this weekend," Acree says. "It was an opportunity to have a live rodeo scene, which was good, because it was the real deal."

Acree says both films will go through post-production here, too. One of them has already started that process. There are no release dates set so far, but it's looking like both movies will be in theaters some time next year.

Acree says she's hoping to be able to announce several more big projects -- and good news -- very soon.  First, though, she and Bossier Film Commissioner Pam Glorioso will head to Los Angeles tomorrow to get ready for the Locations Expo. "This is an event we go to every year, where film commissioners from all over the world participate and they showcase their communities," she says. And she tells us requests have already come in from people who want to meet them for appointments.

Acree thanks our state lawmakers for not significantly cutting film tax credits during this past legislative session. She says that allows us to be able to bring in more of these big film projects, which are beneficial to our local economy.

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