What was happening in the Shreveport area 10 years ago?

It was the height of Shreveport's run as "Hollywood of the South", where movie and TV productions were happening all over the place. Stories echo to this day of people running into Kevin Costner or Ashton Kutcher while they were filming 'The Guardian', or various Nic Cage legends from different projects. Shreveport (and Bossier City) had a tremendous run of productions, as seen here.

But there's one story from 10 years ago that has new interest now. Back in 2008, Josh Brolin was still in the "breakout star" category. At that point he was probably still best known for his childhood role in 'The Goonies', and was just coming off a breakout in 'No Country For Old Men'. But he was getting his first major, leading spot on a movie called 'W.' that was filming right here in Shreveport.

It was during the filming of that movie, that Brolin had a run in with Shreveport Police. This is where the above title takes some artistic liberties.

See, Brolin was arrested in Shreveport after an altercation outside a bar in Downtown Shreveport, but to say he "tried to destroy Shreveport" is more of a tie to what Brolin has become rather than the actions of that night.

Now Brolin is a Hollywood A-List Leading Man, and the star villain in the two biggest comic book movies of 2018. One of those characters, Thanos, will go down in history as one of the greatest comic book movie villains, and SPOILER ALERT, he destroys a lot of stuff.

So, bridging the two together...in hindsight, it looks like Thanos may have been trying to destroy Shreveport 10 years ago.

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