Haughton High Alum Dak Prescott is an NFL star. There is no denying that. He's in TV commercials, all the sports outlets want to talk to the kid...he's just everywhere. And, oh yeah, he's been pretty successful too. His numbers are above average, his team wins and he sells a bunch of jerseys. It's no wonder why Jerry Jones loves him.

But, with all that out the way, Dak may be asking a little too much. It was reported earlier in the off-season that Dak was asking for 34 to 40 million dollars a year from the Cowboys. But, according to new reports, not only is Dak wanting the upper end of that spectrum but he has already turned down a deal worth $30 Million a year.

To put that in perspective, Super Bowl winning Quarterback Russell Wilson just inked a new deal with the Seahawks for 35 mil a year. Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers is making 34 mil. Aaron Rodgers is making 33.5 mil.

Now, according to all the sources, the Cowboys offer to Dak was very incentive heavy. He'd have to hit a lot of milestones to get to $30 million. I get maybe wanting to renegotiate some of that. But asking for 40 million is just ridiculous!

If he could have led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, I'd get it. But right now, he's a young kid with only moderate success. Sometimes he looks brilliant, a lot of times he struggles to get the ball down the field and holds on to the ball for way too long.

An incentive heavy $30 Million was probably a good deal for both sides. Anything more or guaranteed at this point is ridiculous. Until Dak can prove he's an elite QB like Wilson or Rodgers and Big Ben...he hasn't earned the right and privileged to be the highest paid player in the NFL.

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