As of today, there are only two open "sanctuary cities" here in Louisiana: New Orleans and Lafayette and the surrounding areas. In fact, both Orleans and Lafayette parishes have histories of refusing to work with federal officials in deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records.

But John Binder at makes the claim that numerous parishes across the state - including Caddo and Bossier - have ignored U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests to hold illegals for an additional 48 hours so the feds can take custody.

Says Binder:

"...11 Louisiana parishes have a history of not working with federal immigration authorities when it comes to an individual suspected of a crime who is also not a citizen of the country. Additionally, in total, 9 Louisiana detainees who are deportable illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds have not been handed over to federal immigration officials. And 27 Louisiana detaineers who are deportable illegal immigrants, but do not have a criminal background, have also not been handed over to federal immigration officials."

And Binder points out that also includes our part of northwest Louisiana:

"In Caddo Parish...3 ICE detainers were declined, one of those declined involved a detainee who had a criminal background. Bossier Parish declined 1 ICE detainer, however it did not involve a detainee that had a criminal history."

To see the complete list of Louisiana parishes refusing to cooperate with ICE, and to read John Binder's complete article, "These Louisiana Parishes Are Potential Sanctuary Cities", JUST CLICK HERE!

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