I was scrolling through TikTok minding my business and I stumbled upon a video that has me wanting to break the law in a very expensive way. We have all heard of vigilantes, and up until now, I didn't think there was much that vigilantes could offer our community. Up until I stumbled upon this video. Check it below.

@60secdocsOaklands ‘Pothole Vigilantes’ fill in for the government to rebuild roads by filling in ##potholes. 🚧 ##pothole ##construction ##oakland♬ ElseParis - Mi Keila

2 Californians have taken matters into their own hands and are sick of dealing with potholes in their town. They are known as "Oakland's Pothole Vigilantes’ at least that is what they call themselves. They fill in for the government's shortcomings by rebuilding roads by filling in potholes. Yes, they do it in the dead of the night. They finance it all, it's not cheap by any means. Is this what Shreveport needs? I think so.

Just a few days ago my coworker was driving into work and right before he pulled into work his tire hit a pothole and he claims the pop was so loud he thought he heard a gunshot. Will the great city of Shreveport reimburse him for the hefty price tag of a Mercedes wheel? Of course not.

Will the great city of Shreveport fill the countless potholes all over the city? That's the million-dollar question. Until the great state of Shreveport figures out their pothole issue we have to do something about it. This serious problem can only be solved by pothole vigilantes. Who is going to step up to the plate?

Is this the time to call Martin Grau and ask him to help fund our pothole vigilante fund? He hates the roads just as much as we do.

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