MMA is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Every city in the world is filled with fight promotions, gyms, etc.. The Olympic committee is considering the addition of MMA to its sports line up. And, the UFC just signed a 5 year, 1.5 BILLION dollar TV deal with ESPN. Once considered a blood sport, MMA is moving into the main stream.

And growing with the sport itself, is the MMA world's support of women fighters. Once considered just a novelty act or a bathroom break, now the women are headlining shows and pay per views. This perfect storm of popularity growth and women's revolution could be the ticket to success for one local MMA fighter.

Andrea 'KGB' Lee has been around the Shreveport area for a while. From fighting at local shows to appearances on Legacy Fighting and Ascend Combat shows, Lee has a track record of success. And her hard work and dedication paid off in a big way, as she finally made her way to the UFC. And she showed up in a big way.

Not only did Andrea debut on the 'Main Card', but she had one hell of a showing . She had a decision win over a quality opponent and won 'Fight of the Night' honors. And, this doesn't appear to be a one time thing. UFC has Lee listed on their list of Top Female Flyweights.

In a business with a high turnover rate and the constant need for stars, 2019 could be a huge year for Lee. She's a beautiful girl, has a fun gimmick and isn't afraid to work her tail off. If she can pick up one or two more quality wins, she could become the next big UFC star in the women's division.

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