The name on the jersey is causing a mild controversy at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  

The controversy is over UL-Lafayette having "Louisiana" on its jersey.

"It's not what they agreed to do in the 90s," state Senator Francis Thompson of Delhi explained.  "So, I think that they just need to follow the law and the rules and regulations, which they are not doing now."

University of Louisiana System President Sandra Woodley said the policy states none of their schools should use solely "University of Louisiana" or "UL".  But, the policy says nothing about using "Louisiana" by itself.

"It clearly spells out that you have to have the University of Louisiana and the location on there," Thompson added.  "And if they are not doing that, then they should."

A lot of the rage is coming from ULM fans.  Before they were called the Warhawks, they have "Louisiana Indians" on their helmets.

"They want to know why did they not follow the rules when they have to do it in Monroe," Thompson noted.  "It's a legitimate concern."

Thompson has received many angry calls from ULM alumni who are not very happy UL Lafayette is trying to refer to itself as Louisiana.

According to the policy, which UL Lafayette kindly reminded the media of, states the formal name of the school is the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  Using "ULL" is not a "proper" abbreviation.

The policy also says the athletics nickname is officially "Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns".  The university finds Ragin' Cajuns and Ragin' Cajun as acceptable alternatives.  But some nickname no-nos include Ragin Cajuns (without the apostrophe), Lady Cajuns, or any unauthorized abbreviations.

Of course, all that info is accessible through ''.

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