I can vividly remember my last days of high school and college. The feeling of accomplishment and excitement I got about graduating was truly the best. While entering the "real world" can be daunting, there is no amount of money that you could pay me to be a kid today. Social media alone is enough of a reason to say, "I pass."  Plus, I am enjoying this being an adult thing.

Just because I do not want to be a kid again does not mean that there are not some things that I miss about being a kid. Let's face it, for the most part childhood is a pretty sweet deal.  Recently, the back-to-school season got me to thinking about all of the things I miss about school. Check out the list below of the things I miss most about being a student. Let me know what you miss the most. Vote in the poll below or comment on our Facebook page.

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    Pep Rallies

    When you become an adult there are no more pep rallies. Why not? Who made that rule? Sure we have tailgates, but I am talking about an old fashioned pep rally. Maybe we could trade a casual Friday for one Friday filled with an awesome marching band, loud cheering and hanging out with our best friends.

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    Field Day

    Aww...field day.  This was the one day of the year that separated the unskilled from the skilled. Okay. I admit that was a bit harsh. That does not mean it is not true. Not to brag (warning I am totally about to brag), I was the water balloon relay champion for three years in a row at my elementary school. Only Michael Jordan can understand that type of athleticism. We share the honor of the three-peat.


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    Field Trips

    Remember how you were up early and ready for school when you had a field trip? I bet you don't feel that way about work. Hitting the snooze button like it owes you money. When it was time for a field trip, everyone showed up even that kid who pretended to be sick to get out of P.E. (you know who I am talking about). How about closing the office for a day and having some fun?


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    Movie Time

    I miss the excitement of walking into the classroom and seeing the TV cart. That rush of extreme joy I would feel about not having to do work can not be substituted. I bet you wish your boss would roll a TV into the conference room so you could watch a movie instead having to do reports and spreadsheets. That sounds like a great idea.


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    I spent some time teaching the third grade. I use to tell my students, "When you work hard; we can play hard." There was no better place to express your need to play than recess. You have to get your energy out. A few minutes set aside each day to play with your friends was a good way to do just that.

    We have a big backyard here at our office. While I am typing this I am thinking of getting a game of frisbee started. Maybe this time we will try the backyard and not the hallway.