It's safe to say that smoking is going out of style.  The "hip" thing to do is starting to lose favor with pretty much every age group, and with the recent news about a possible government ban on menthol cigarettes and flavored vaping fluids, it looks like the government isn't the biggest fan either.  Another voice has stepped up to voice it's dislike for the negative effects of smoking - the corporate world.

The marketing firm Piala Inc is offering it's non-smoking workers an extra six days off per year!  The Japanese company decided to reward it's non-smokers to offset the amount of time take off in the form of smoke breaks by their smoking employees.  Apparently, the non-smokers were complaining that they were working more than the smokers - and their managers agreed.

Since the new policy was instated, The Telegram reports that 30 nonsmoking employees from the staff of 120 employees have taken the time off - and 4 have qiot smoking to get the extra time off!

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