Alec Baldwin certainly isn’t going to continue SNL’s Trump impression forever, so if you’re looking for more sustained parody of the Tweeter-in-Chief, look no further than Comedy Central’s The President Show. The first episode got a tremendous, yuge first airing this week, so take a look at comedian Anthony Atamanuik’s viral impression.

Comedy Central is certainly going all-in on the new late-night series, which follows The Daily Show on Thursdays and stars Anthony Atamanuik as Donald Trump, along with Peter Grosz as Mike Pence. One of the series’ first sustained clips sees Trump rattling off what he considers “Nice!” and “Not Nice!,” including French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, actual marine life, and even poor beleaguered Sean Spicer.

The series follows Comedy Central’s tradition of presidential impressions, which last extended to their own show with 2001’s That’s My Bush! Atamanuik first gained attention for the impression with appearances on Comedy Central’s @midnight, eventually landing his own one-hour sketch special on Fusion alongside James Adomian’s Bernie Sanders.

Time will tell if the country can handle any more Trump, even a fictional one, so watch the clip above and weigh in.

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