"This might set a dangerous precedent". Those are the words of Shreveport City Council woman LeVette Fuller when talking about providing free assistance from the city for a local event that is "for profit".


Crawfest is set for March 22nd and 23rd at Betty Virginia Park in the South Highlands neighborhood. Organizer Matt Snyder expects more than 10,000 people to converge on the park. He asked the city for help to make this event a success. He wanted the city to waive the fees it charges for police presence during the event, spar workers and equipment used (including tables and chairs).

Fuller talked with us about the vote of the council to waive the fees (amounting to $20,000) for the event.

On the garbage fee, the council again delayed taking action on the proposal for a $7 monthly fee. The measure is expected to come up again in 2 weeks.

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