Weather Channel researchers put together a list of the cities that are most overdue for a direct hit by a hurricane. 

 Take a look at the list:

5. Tampa, Fla. 

The city’s population has increased about 20 times to 3 million since the last time a hurricane struck there in 1921.

4.  Savannah, Ga.

The shallow Atlantic waters off the southeastern United States make the Georgia coast extremely vulnerable to storm surge that could penetrate several miles inland in a major hurricane.

3. New York City

New York has not seen a hurricane in 118 years, making residents complacent.

2.  San Diego, Calif.

Only one hurricane is known to have directly hit the California coast with hurricane-force winds.

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Records do not show a hurricane ever striking the city, but officials are preparing for the occurrence.

The study looked at vulnerable cities that have gone the longest without a direct hit from the core of a significant hurricane.