Have You Driven Past the Old Pepito's Building Lately?

It's a sad sight really. What was once a bustling and thriving Shreveport business now sits empty and something about that just hurts my heart. Pepitos was a spot that my friends and I would go to celebrate birthdays and it was our favorite pre-concert spot.

The Ranch Waters and the Dishes at Pepito's Were Always a Hit.

I loved that they carried one of my favorite tequilas and there was always something good on the menu, you could be adventurous and order something you had never tried before and instantly find a new favorite.

The Patio at Pepitos is What We Miss Most in Shreveport.

A good patio is hard to find, so when we find one with great drinks and a fabulous menu we hold onto it.

What Restaurant Has a Fun Vibe That Would Fit Perfectly in the Now Empty Pepito's Building?

Have you ever heard of Chuy's Tex-Mex?

Krystal Montez, Chuy's via Facenook
Krystal Montez, Chuy's via Facebook

Before You Start Complaining That "It's Just Another Dang Mexican Restaurant" Hear Me Out.

Chuy's is far from a legit Mexican restaurant. This is strictly Tex-Mex. If you want authentic Mexican food you walk right on down the street to Ki Mexico or go to Taqueria San Miguel or Ramirez Mexican Restaurant.

Chuy's is more of like a Superior Grill vibe. Yes, its' "inspired" by Mexican food and identifies as Mexican food but we all know if a place serves crunchy tacos they're Tex-Mex. By no means am I hating on the wonderful food at Superior Grill, you'll find me there once a week. However, there is a time and a place for Tex-Mex and it fits in for me on any day that ends with a y.

Have you ever had Chuy's before? The boom boom sauce is amazing and there is a drink for everyone in your friend's group.

Dear Chuys Tex-Mex,

We want to love you in our own Shreveport way. Let us love you.


Tex-Mex Lovers. 

Check Out Chuy's Tex-Mex Menu

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