One thing is for sure, one of the biggest Saint Patrick's day parties is in the works. Patty in the Plaza is it's own unique type of party, where it really is a party for everyone. Before you go out to Patty in the Plaza there are some things you should make sure you knock out of the way. You'll be thankful for them come Sunday morning.

Load up on asparagus- Asparagus will help you out, it cleans your liver out of all the nasty toxins. My friend Hillary swears by this method. Guess who never complains of a hangover when she loads up on asparagus? Yup, you guessed it, Hillary for the win.

Eat Guacamole- All the ingredients in guacamole are all known to help your liver out. Avocado isn't just a millennial obsession, it helps replenish your body of potassium. So fiesta consisting of chips and guac before Patty in the Plaza?

Make sure Pedilayte and Advil are nearby- The morning after doesn't have to suck. When you have your trusty drink and magical pill on the night stand you're bound to be brunch bound by 11:00 a.m. Gatorade has too much sugar, it won't be as effective as Pedialyte.

Party Smart- If you happen to be near Sunshine Health Foods you can always buy Party Smart, it's a pill that you take with a glass of water while you are drinking and the hangover is minimal the next day.

Have a DD ready to go- Someone will get the honor of playing the designated driver, make sure you have it all set up and you're not stranded come midnight. Remember the popular time to hitch a ride home means you'll pay triple the fare when it comes to Uber, so if a friend of yours can jump in and help you can buy them Whatagburger instead of charging your card and regretting it later.

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